Chicagoland's Most Complete Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services Because of our Multi-Disciplinary Approach

At Advanced Physicians, we believe that an integrated approach to diagnosis and care provides the most appropriate and effective care for patients. Our team of experts from a variety of disciplines will benefit our patient with a more accurate diagnosis and a more complete range of treatment options.

Full Range of Services

A full range of services can be provided by our professional staff. We treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain and injuries including: sports-related, work-related, motor vehicle and medicare.

No Referrals Necessary

Take advantage of our multi-disciplinary approach and experience the convenience of having our team diagnose and treat you without the hassle of traveling one place to another. We accept all PPO insurances. We are also a Veteran's Choice Program Provider.

Same Day MRIs Available

Offering the latest technology with a high field Siemens 1.5T providing the highest quality image. We deliver maximum comfort, short exams and accurate diagnosis.

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